The Plan

To fund and build a physical school for approximately 40 students from the age of 4 to 8 in the heart of Gaunshahar.

The challenges were:-


  • Find suitable land in the village

  • Source funding to buy the land at an estimated cost of US$ 8,500

  • Secure funding to build the buildings an at estimated cost of US$ 12,600 

  • Gain approval from the education board

  • Design the layout of the school

  • Have a steady flow of volunteers to assist with the build and reduce costs

  • Fit out of the school  

  • Design the school emblem and create the logo to match our principles

  • Secure funding for the day to day running of the school - estimated at US$ 600 per month

  • Employee and train 4 teachers

  • Identify worthy students and enrol them 

  • Opening day

With your help, the help of the community, as well as so many wonderful volunteers - we did it! We now have a school where children, regardless of caste or financial background, are welcome to come to school!