Progress to date

August 2017 - First school camp. 

Current role is 93 students up to grade 4.

June 2016 - start of Teacher Training sessions. 

Hosted weekly by volunteers with previous teaching experience, their knowledge and expertise is shared with the local Nepalese teachers to help develop their skills and awareness of teaching practises from around the world. 

March 2016 - one year completed!

March marks the completion of one full school year of Heaven Hill Academy and we are truly grateful for all those who have helped to make Shamser's dream a reality! 

Here are some pictures of the students receiving their reports and prizes!


December 2015 - a new swing in school! 

Something for the children to enjoy during their breaks, thank you to the volunteers for all your help!

April 2015 -  School opens!

7 November 2014 - With the help of the volunteers, we’ve created both a logo and school motto. After brainstorming ideas, we believe ‘Pride in our past, skills for the future’ emphasises our aim for the school; to preserve the traditions of the community and provide future generations with the skills and knowledge to achieve. With the pipal tree being an important focal point in this rural community, it’s also our main focal point with the roots representing the past and the leaves the future.

27 October 2014 - We’ve now started breaking the stones. A family in the village who has land near the school’s location has given permission to use their stone. We’ve employed 2 men local to the village to begin breaking the stone at the quarry. Volunteers have cut in a path into the side of the mountain for access and they’ve started carry the stones from the quarry to the site.

6 October 2014 - A further large donation has been received which has allowed us to purchase a water tank for the school, pay for the electricity wiring as well as start breaking the stones.


21 October 2014 - With the help of a volunteer and after weeks of drawings and revisions, we’ve come up with a design for the school which we believe optimises the space we have available.


14 October 2014 - We’ve been granted permission from the local authority in Besishahar to open a school for nursery, lower kindergarten and upper kindergarten classes.


30 September 2014 - A generous donation has been received from a previous volunteer. This has allowed us to purchase the land. Once the millet has been harvested, we can start the build!

22 September 2014 - We’ve found suitable land in the heart of Gaunshahar. The farmer, who currently grows crop on the land, is willing to sell so we’re beginning negotiations.