Heaven Hill Academy

Shamser Thapa is a local teacher and principal who's passionate about improving his community. Not satisfied with the education system, his vision was to build a new and free independent school in the heart of Gaunshahar. A school that will not discriminate between caste but will take the poorest of the village children. This then alleviates the financial burden on their families and provides them with quality education they could not otherwise afford.

Heaven Hill Academy was founded with 40 students enrolled and has almost doubled in the year since then! It continues to grow and flourish, with additional buildings being added as the children grow. If you would like to contribute to the building of the school, which is always financed independently, please contact Shamser. 

The latest Video of this years school camp!     https://youtu.be/wRwoDK2TubA

School Camp

Here's a quick video of building the school: https://vimeo.com/124023686

There is also a Child Sponsorship Program where volunteers and donors from around the world can donate to an individual student. 
Some of our students are unable to afford their school fees, uniforms, books, etc. due to their families’ financial situations. From an ongoing donation of $15USD per month, your sponsored child will be able to attend school, have a neat, clean uniform, books, stationery, and a better future for their family. Donation is quick and easily done online through our Paypal account. You can also donate using a credit card. 
For more information including which children currently need sponsoring contact Shamser at Shamser@heavenhillacademynepal.org